Our main areas of consulting are in:

  • Strategy. Through visioning exercises, industry knowledge, competitive assessment, market landscape analysis, and benchmarking, we help you develop an implementable strategy.
  • Business Transformation. We use a variety of tools to assess the impact of change and ensure positive change takes place. These tools are Business Process Redesign,¬†Organizational Restructuring,¬†Job Definition,Change Management,¬†Technology Requirements, and Financial Impact Assessment.
  • Pricing Optimization. We help you manage demand by defining your customer segments, full demand planning and pricing effectively, based on what your customers value.
  • Pricing Management. NonZero Ventures will help you define your pricing strategy, Conduct Promotions Planning and Optimization, as well as Markdown Optimization.
  • Revenue/yield management. We use our deep industry expertise in Travel & Transportation, Cargo and Hospitality to get the most out of your perishable inventory.
  • Supply Chain Management. Using applicable information, we help you and your suppliers to efficiently produce goods, reaching different market segments via appropriate channels.
  • Client Relationship Management. NonZero Ventures partners with you and your providers to ensure your people have the needed information to know and serve your customers better. We can also help you implement major CRM solutions such as SAP.
  • Business Simulation / Optimization. We believe in using business intelligence and tools to simulate business decision making. Although the nucleus of our tools may be common from one engagement to another, each tool will be tailored using client specific data.
  • Training. The scope of our training program includes teaching introductory to advanced Supply Chain Management, Pricing Revenue Optimization, Market Segmentation, and Demand Management. We provide training at all levels, in a pragmatic manner.

We consult both small and large companies. Our approach in these engagements are very different. For smaller companies, in effect, we become part of the management team, working closely with the President of the company. We may take a stake in the company, or help fund such companies (direct/indirect). We will also continue our partnership for the foreseen future, in some cases sponsoring them, or representing them in North America, or associating them with our partners across the globe.

With bigger companies, we work as consultants or adjuncts to their internal teams. We take a hands on approach using multiple simulation tools (existing or collaboratively built/ tailored to our client needs). All tools built will be the intellectual capital of NonZero Ventures and owned/copy righted by NonZero Ventures.

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